I am using the ODBC package by Sune Falck and I am having problems inserting
into my database.  I figured out how to select, there was a select example,
but I did not see any documentation on how to insert, update, etc.

Here is as far as I can get in trying to figure out how to insert:
In the Declare section:

      Dbc  : Connection_Handle;
      --I am not sure how to set up a cursor for an insert command.
      Cur  : Cursor_Type (0, 12);

somewhere after begin:

         --I am not sure if I have to bind input, or something like that?
        constants and I know that they work
         Connect (Dbc, C_ODBCNAME, C_USERNAME, C_PASSWORD,
         --Values is a string of the values that I am inserting and I know
        the "insert into..." string works because I outputted that string
        tried it in an sql manager.
         Open (Cur, Dbc, "insert into cadets values (" & S(Values) & ");",
        Read_Only => False);
         Execute (Cur);
         Close (Cur);
         Disconnect (Dbc);

What am I missing here?  Thanks for any help on this and to Sune Falck for
making this package and to David Wheeler for the CGI package.

Marcus Brakewood