> .... I have a vague recollection of hearing about an
> Eiffel-to-Java compiler.  If anyone is familiar with other such compilers
> outputting JBC

Products do exist to get J-code directly from Ada, COBOL, Eiffel, Prolog,
and many others.

For detailed list, and some links, see


It also lists several things not clearly covered by the prohibition:

1. Tools that generate Java source from other languages

2. Interpreters that run on a JVM to execute Forth, BASIC,
   Smalltalk, etc.

3. J-Code assemblers.

4. Preprocessors that allow features of other (non-Java) languages to be
   used in Java programs--including features of C & C++ that the Java
   creators intentionally left out for security reasons!

5. Compilers that produce J-code from the sorts of languages
   mentioned in (4)

Wes Groleau