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>> Specification (I&RTS) v4.0 states that "Developers shall not use
>> compilers designed to convert code developed in other languages (e.g.,
>> Ada, C++) to create Java byte-codes. This restriction is important
>> because such compilers may inadvertently bypass intended Java security
>> features."
>I would be glad to see this removed.  On the other hand:
>I have read some Web pages (sorry, forgot URIs) that made it quite clear
>that "Java security" is not nearly what it's hyped to be.  It's hacked in
>rather than designed in.  In one case, the language syntax was even
>changed to plug a security hole.

If Ada is to be more popular, it necessarily must be used in many
settings where security and correctness are not taken seriously.
Regardless of whether or not the Java bytecode engine has any
security worth considering, a restriction against Ada compilers
that produce Java bytecode is not reasonable.