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>Those of us who recall some of those early days know that the problems
>were not a function of the language.  Rather, they were a result of
>poor compilers
When I read "Programming in Ada95" of Barnes, and saw the whole picture of
Ada95, I first thought that there cannot be real compilers for this language
because it is too complex. But then I remembered Robert Dewar with all his
  I think that Ada83, although probably less complex, was enough for that time.

>Have we already lost the market and simply not yet become aware of it?
Where did you see a _market_ for Ada? Several days ago I tried search for
"Ada package" with Yahoo - and I got nothing relevant; search for "Ada95 package"
gave very small number of relevant entries (multiple entries for Lovelace etc.
should not be counted).
  As an exSoviet, I cannot teach Americans about the markets, but nevertheless,
it seems to me, that a market is a place where the sellers sit permanently and
the buyers appear occasionally.

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