>It is possible to change the Ada standard in the forward
>direction and require implementors to handle the leap year
>math correctly.
>It is not possible to change the Ada standard in a uniform
>and useful manner in the backward direction because of all
>the diversity of how the calendar works according to the
>political decisions in various jurisdictions.  There are
>11 days missing from 1752, depending on your religion and

i would disagree. In the same way that we use GMT as  standard for time, we
should be able to come up with a time based system that underlies the
various views that are needed.

After all, a date that is 30,000 days ago -is- 30,000 days ago, no matter
what calendar is used.

1752's interpretation could then be viewed by using a gregorian calendar
package, or a julian calendar package (i presume this is where the
difference is...).