> Cbind, C2Ada, and BindCom.  The Ada community needs promote awareness of
> these tools and work to make sure that ready to run versions are easily

Yes.  I have two or three times gone 3/4 of the way through the
build/install instructions for c2ada before it failed.  I think I am
capable of figuring it out and fixing it, but so far it hasn't been worth
the time.  I am sure there are some who would not be able to figure it
out.  (Hopefully not many.)

No criticism of Averstar--they did more than their duty in providing it
as-is.  But without maintenance (yes, maybe I _will_ volunteer, once I get
my home machine on-line) links expire, required resources change, etc.  I
had to track down the new location of both of the prerequisites to get as
far as I did.

Wes Groleau