Mark Lundquist wrote:
>        Someone posted regarding the Embedded Systems Journal on-line
>        poll that "they'll just keep re-running it until they get the
>        answer they want".
That someone was me.

>        I just don't understand this type of  thinking.

IIRC, they said the answer was not what they expected from the results
of other "research" so therefore must be invalid.
I was wondering whether the other research was of similar quality
to the internet poll (which was hopelessly flawed).

I was able to post the poll results at work and generate
some discussion. Typical comments were:
  "Oh, I didn't know anybody used Ada anymore",
  "A lot of people from the US military must read ESJ" and
  "That survey is invalid" (this probably wouldn't have occurred
  to them if C/C++ was 95%).