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>For those of us who have been around for a while, the Ada CDROMs from Walnut
>serve as an archive for the material in the PAL.
>In addition, the Ada and Software Engineering Library is online at Walnut
>Creek CDROM
>and is available as the PAL was (but with a different basic theme and
>economic model).
>There is every indication at this time that the ASE Library will continue
>and will the production of ASE CDROMs from it.
>I wish to also thank Walnut Creek CDROM for supporting the ASE Library via
>website and CDROM production.

When you discuss this with Walnut Creek, feel free to include
my statistic that I would never have heard of their company if
it were not for the fact that their company is where I bought
my Ada subscription.  With the subscription fullfillments there
is typically a brochure of their other offerings and I will no
doubt also purchase some non-Ada from them in the near future.