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> If we are going to promote Ada, let's focus on those platforms best
> suited to it.  In a meeting yesterday, I was advised that a group
> working on Lynx OS has decided that Ada is no longer meeting their
> needs because they have upgraded to Lynx 3.0 and they cannot find
> an Ada compiler for it.  They have been using Ada on Lynx 2.5. If
> we do not support the platforms we start out supporting, those who
> choose Ada will continue to be frustrated when they decide to upgrade
> to the next level of an operating system.

Rational Apex Embedded has supported LynxOS for several years now.  The current version of Rational
Apex Embedded supports LynxOS 3.0.0 and 3.0.1.  We will support LynxOS 3.1.0 (the most recently
announced version of LynxOS) in the near future.

Eddie Glenn
Rational Apex Embedded Product Manager
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