>    a. I would like to use Ada to do queries against my SQL databases
> (implemented in commercial DBMS products across the web such as
> Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and DB2). There are several ODBC bindings,
> but they seem to bind to various commercial products that must be
> boughten before you get the ability to do the ODBC, without actually
> telling you what you have to buy. Java and Python, on the other
> hand, provide objects that open sockets on the internet and do ODBC
> in an identical manner on Solaris, Linux, and Windows without having
> to buy any extra products.

I do not understand your point about ODBC. The whole idea about ODBC is
to be independant of the database used. At least under NT I have achived
that. I was able to switch a prototype based on Excel (yes, Excel has
an ODBC layer) to an Access database and this without changing a single
line of Ada code. I would guess that this is also true under UNIX, right?

All others point are nice to explore, when do you plan to have answers to
them in your Web site :) ?


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