It's amazing to me how we get some good ada "press" and we still complain that it's not good enough. 

Maybe if we in the Ada community could be "nice" we'd have a better following.

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Great, it's easy to port Ada83 to and Ada95 compiler.  Big deal!  There is absolutely no mention of Ada's support for their million line system, reduced defect rates, or worker productivity.  I got the impression that they used Ada 'cause they were told to.  As is typical of the modern manager/coach, they are much more interested is team interaction and migration plans than the technology.

Just my two cents, and certainly not the views or opinions of The Boeing Company.  ;-)

        - John Harbaugh

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> Subject:      F-22? Ada can do!
> The topic of this month's edition of Crosstalk
> ( is "F-22 Into the
> Future". The article on "F-22 Software Risk Reduction" by Beverly Moody, the
> Avionics Software Block Lead,   covers a broad range of topics and says this
> about Ada:
> "Ada 83 will continue to be the primary language used on the F-22 (80-85
> percent) for the foreseeable future since much of the code is already
> complete. Some teams are looking at migrating their Ada 83 code to Ada 95
> since most of the new compilers are based on Ada 95.  To date, needed source
> code changes have been trivial and the migrations fairly straightforward.
> The promise of the portability of Ada has been validated by several
> programs."
> That last line is just one of those nice, matter-of-fact Ada-can-do
> statements that one likes to see :-)
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