>> Aren't the Booch components already available in some of those languages. I
>>seem to remember that Wind River Systems provide a (optional?) library of the
>> Booch components with VxWorks or Tornado or something.

>Yes, they were originally in Ada 83, then they were completely redesigned
>in C++.

I see.

>My point is that the "third generation" in Ada 95 is FEWER lines of code than
>the C++.

>_IF_ it is also more efficient in time and/or space, and more reliable, it
>might be a "marketable" item with bindings from other languages.

That is a thought, but you would have to be sure the improved efficiency was
significant enough that any fiddling around you had to do in the bindings (if
they weren't straight forward) didn't end up making it worse.

>Wouldn't it be a nice change if some other language group was using and/or
>writing bindings to Ada components?

Sort of. I see it as a double-edged sword - on the one hand it helps to show
people how useful, efficient and re-usable Ada is (and efficient), but on the
other hand it shows how easy it is to access Ada code from other languages. Call
me pessimistic, but I can see this leading to even more people deciding to
abandon Ada when they realise they wouldn't have to junk all their legacy Ada
code if they wanted to upgrade using another language.

>Or a similar approach: identify some open-source item that is popular but
>has a significant bug.  Rewrite it in Ada, make it better, and eliminate
>the bug.  Distribute it!

I was going to say "what like M$ Windoze?" but obviously the open-source bit
hadn't registered :-)