>It would also be nice if more Ada compilers validated Annex E.  I know of
>at least one vendor who has stated to at least one customer that since
>CORBA, the Ada Annex E is superfluous and they won't waste money on it.

>Similarly, I know of Ada programmers that say Annex E is useless because
>it's Ada-only, and one-language systems are a thing of the past.

Annex E would be quite nice for a system I worked on recently, but even when it
is supported by various compiler vendors, as far as I am aware there isn't any
requirement for the different vendiors implementations to be capable of
interacting so, for example, if we have different Ada compilers for different
target processors, Annex E probably wouldn't be of much use as far as I can

CORBA on the other hand would have been excellent because there are various
languages in use, but no-one would buy it :-(