>The ARA has a number of ongoing activities:

>   1) Suport for the maintenance and enhancement of the Ada Information
       Clearinghouse website  (http://www.adaic.org);

That's an interesting one. Since finding that www.adaic.org exists (after the
demise of the Falls-Church site), I have managed to see its contents once, and
only once! God knows I have tried to see it, but Internet Explorer says it has
found the site, hangs around for a while, then comes back with Document Not
Found or some such error.

What exactly is going on with AdaIC then?

>We are looking for ways to be more visible and effective.

Being able to see what is on the AdaIC website would certainly help!

>We hope to create a web area specifically designed as a place for marketing the
>benefits of Ada to non-users; the URL for this area will be included in
>promotional ads/click-throughs in banners, search engines, print, etc.

That's all well and good, as long as the website can actually be seen!

>Hopefully this effort will begin to become visible over the next 6 months.

Good luck.