>Hmmm. Are there are proprietary/"pay for" issues with this? Since students
>are "paying" for the class, then the tutorial would be part of "generating
>revenue". Are there any problems with that?

I don't know. Best thing to do would be to contact the copyright owners or
whatever. I'm sure I've managed to find HotAda on the web somewhere, and
Lovelace is (almost) definitiely on-line so it shouldn't be too difficult to
find someone to contact.

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>> >>> They are pushing for on-line classes as
>> >>> much as possible, so I am going to put together a proposal to put
>> >>> together an on-line Ada class for them.
>> Wouldn't the Lovelace Tutorial do the job? There's also HotAda (I think),
>> but I believe that's proprietary. Comes with ObjectAda professional though!