Not only have I heard of this group, I am Tutorial Chair
for the USA Conference site.  Back when Ada 9X was introduced
with support for object-oriented programming, I presented a
tutorial on Ada for the TOOLS USA conference.  Ever since
then, this has been an Ada-friendly conference.  Over the
past several years we have had many Ada-related tutorials
and papers at the conference.

Each year we have, on the last day of the conference, a session
called "The Great Language Debate."  Ada is always one of the
languages represented in that debate.

The conference welcomes papers with original scholarly work on
object technology that includes Ada or demonstrates a concept
using Ada.

There are five TOOLS conferences each year:

       TOOLS USA     always the first week of August in Santa Barbara, CA
       TOOLS Europe  usually somewhere in France
       TOOLS Asia    Beijing, Shanghai, or elsewhere in China
       TOOLS Pacific This year it is in Sydney, Australia
       TOOLS Eastern Europe

The plan is for TOOLS conferences to be held in other countries.  We
will probably see a TOOLS South America in future years.  The idea is
to keep them small and focused and available to people of the geographic
area nearby so the technologies can be accessible.

We (I) would be pleased to see more Ada representation at future TOOLS


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On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Beard, Frank wrote:

> Anybody every heard of this group?
> TOOLS (Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems)
> I just stumble across them recently.
> Frank