Stephen Schwarm:
> It's a group that Bertrand Meyer is involved with and driving, I think.

Obviously, since it says that "the" book on Object Technology is Bertrand
Meyer's book. Plus, half of the books in "your object library" are written
by Meyer (and Eiffel is the main point of the other half).

If that's not convincing enough, "" and
"" both resolve to the same IP address,
registered to Interactive Software Engineering (ISE), Meyer's company.
(And Bertrand Meyer is the administrative contact for the domain.)


Richard Riehle (an Ada advocate) says:
> Not only have I heard of this group, I am Tutorial Chair
> for the USA Conference site.  Back when Ada 9X was introduced
> with support for object-oriented programming, I presented a
> tutorial on Ada for the TOOLS USA conference.  Ever since
> then, this has been an Ada-friendly conference.  .....

Wes Groleau