>> >I hadn't tried accessing the site for a while, so I just tried it. I was
>> >unsuccessful in Netscape with both www.adaic.org and Ping
>> >correctly translated the name to the IP address but got no replies.
>> >Traceroute did similarly, but got no replies after 12 hops.

>> As a matter of interest, where did Traceroute last find anything?

>> It wasn't something like <***>ittr-2_0.sprintlink.net or something was it?

>You mean like sl-ittri-2-0.sprintlink.net? That's as far as
>traceroute can get from my machines in Denmark.

Yes, that's the one (actually there is also sl-ittri-1_0.sprintlink.net which
can also be reached).

>Netscape can still find its way to the site,

As I mentioned, I can see the site (generally) through Tesco and Freeserve in
the UK so I don't know how this relates to the problem with tracert.

>but maybe we should set up a European mirror of the site for those who
>aren't that lucky.

That could be an idea. I have a load of Demon webspace that I've never used that
I could probably contribute if it is big enough. Does anyone know how much space
would be required?