>Here are my results this morning:

>  7   120 ms   120 ms   131 ms  sl-ittri-1-0.sprintlink.net []

A few days ago Demon support asked me to send them the results of tracert via
Demon, Freeserve and Tesco with the intention that they would contact whoever
runs sprintlink.net to find out whether there is a problem and if it can be

I haven't heard anything back from Demon yet, and still haven't been able to get
to AdaIC through them so I don't know if they have actually done anything about
it! I'll have a go at contacting them later to see if they've done anything, but
it may be worth pressing whoever provides your Internet service to see if they
can help resolve this (if indeed it is a significant factor in the slowness or
non-availability of the AdaIC web site.)