>writer, John Markoff, named only three languages - C, C++, and Java -- and
>did not even hint that there are others.
>In his defense, he's probably a non-technical reporter who first heard of
>all three languages when assigned to write a followup for the "Security
>Flaw Discovered" article they ran the day before.
  Hardly.  He's been one of the better desktop computing columnists for
years now.  I think he used to be in San Francisco, but I don't remember
where his stuff appeared.  InfoWorld?  He moved a few years ago to the
NY Times.

Which doesn't mean that you shouldn't send him an e-mail pointing out
how the designers who:
>"Despite safety advances in newer languages, many veteran software
>designers are fatalistic about the possibility of eliminating bugs."
are simply ignorant of Ada.