Last night I had another go at accessing Ada IC. Initially I had no luck. My ISP
is Demon in the UK. I then remembered that I had an account with Freeserve and
thought it may be worth trying that (for a laugh). After a bit of fiddling (my
account had been suspended because of lack of use :-) I got in and, hey presto,
I could see the AdaIC site.

So I have now placed a message with Demon's helpdesk asking why I cannot see the
site. I checked my DUN settings and the only difference is that the freeserve IP
address is dynamic, whereas the Demon one is fixed, but I don't believe that can
be the problem.

I'd like to thank all those who've responded to my comments as, if it hadn't
been for the number of people who didn't have a problem, I may never have seen
AdaIC again!

I'll let you know what response I get from Demon.

Thanks again