Count me in,
Can we get a BOF session on Ada set up at the LinuxWorld in San Jose this
August?  It might make a good place to start.

William L. Dale
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> I have included only part of Chris' message below.  It is the
> important part.  I earlier asked for someone who would have the
> interest in providing leadership in the effort to achieve greater
> visibility for Ada.  Chris has offered, if I read his message
> correctly, to provide that leadership.  Now it is up to us to
> decide our own level of commitment in supporting him.
> Richard Riehle
> On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Chris Sparks wrote:
> > Having this type of discussion is ok, however, going around in circles
> and
> > barking at the moon is not going to change things.
> >
> > I am once again going to request that people who are interested in
> forming
> > a virtual consortium/corporation please submit me information as to what
> > you like to do, dislike doing, project ideas.  I can post a summary of
> the
> > information on my own personal web site.  I can look into getting access
> > passwords, if needed, or some obscure path name, whatever, for those
> > involved.  Aside from coding we need testers, salespeople, integrators,
> > archive specialists, etc.