Hi Frank,

> There is an article in SIGAda December 1999 issue of Ada Letters
> called "Ada: A Commercial Flop and Proud of it!" by Dave Wood,
> formerly of Aonix,  which has some very good points about Ada
> successes, where and why.  You may find it useful.

How do I get a copy of this?  Do you have a way to contact
Dave Wood?

> There was also, in the July/August 1998 issue of Ada Letters,
> a call for papers for the International Conference on Reliable
> Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'99, in Santander, Spain.
> One of the topics was:
> "Ada Language and Tools: Programming Techniques, Object-
> Oriented Programming, Bindings, and Libraries, Evaluation and
> Comparison of Languages".

I will take this too.

> Maybe someone has a copy of the proceedings and can direct
> you to the article.