"Doran, Steven" wrote:

> I think it would be great if our discussion about Ada @ LinuxExpo would
> stimulate a greater involvement in the Open Source community. Just
> imagine, for example, if Samba was written in Ada. There would be hundreds,
> if not thousands, of open source programmers scrambling to learn Ada in
> order to contribute to the Samba project.

Maybe it is my ignorance, how would this be true?  Maybe I just don't
know what Samba is.

> I also think that many cool things could be written between now and
> LinuxExpo
> if we had a "call to program" in this discussion group. I know I could write
> one or two things in that time span. That way, we WOULD have more to offer
> than
> just GNAT. BTW. Count be in to volunteer if we do have a booth.

This is really the how we can get something going.  We is essence need to
form a virtual software team.  I would like to know who would be interested
in being in this group, what their skills are, what they like to do software
and what capabilities (hardware, software) they have at their disposal.

We need to combine our resources and tackle projects as a group.  Each person
can be assigned work/tasks to do.  Each individual would need to commit to a
(taking in of course for extenuating circumstances) and we need an integrator to

put all of it together and testers to do validation.

A lot of us sit back and complain that Ada is being phased out of existence,
I believe we can turn it around.  Once we determine what we have going into this
then we can pick and choose markets to infiltrate.  We have over 300 recipients
this list and if 1/3 of us agree to chip in some effort we can do quite a bit!

I haven't given thought to licensing issues, however, if money can be acquired
as a
result of our efforts then all involved in the project should profit based on
their effort.
I suspect we will have to give away free stuff to entice prospective customers.
I am
not a complete proponent of giving everything away since all of us want to
comfortably and money is important in our existence.

Now that I think of it we also will need financial advisors to help in the
of our virtual group for tax purposes and such.

I just laid out a lot of information to discuss.  I am ready to start something,
I alone cannot change the world and that is why I am asking this group to commit
something instead of complaining about how nothing is being done.

Chris Sparks