[asked Richard]
> On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Jeff Carter wrote:
> > Boeing and Airbus could both have chosen C++ for their
> > commercial-jetliner fly-by-wire software. However, they both chose to
> > use Ada.
> I wonder where the documentation is for the assertion that Airbus
> is programmed in Ada.  Would be good if this were publicly available.
> Originally, Airbus was not programmed in Ada.  Perhaps there is some
> report somewhere that provides more information on this.

There is a report or two on an Airbus subsystem in tghe "success stories"
(application briefs, whatever) linked from the AdaIC and SIGAda
education sites. I'm traveling and just reading mail quickly,
so I don't have precise URLs, but you should be able to fish
around a bit.
> As a side thought, an article on the use of Ada for commercial avionics
> would be entertaining in a publication such as Aviation Week.

I agree.

> Richard Riehle
Mike Feldman