AdaWorks wrote:
> Greg,
> Great response to the question of Ada's viability at Aonix. Glad
> to hear that you are doing so many exciting things.  Yes, it was
> a mistake to close down the Burlington office.  I guess we make
> our mistakes, figure out how to deal with them and move on. Sounds
> as if Aonix is doing just that.

We are now actually fairly excited about our future.  Revenue numbers were
strong last year for the Ada division and with new products being released this
year, we expect better times ahead.

> BTW,  is Jaques Brygier still on the team?  Will he be at Ada
> Europe?  If he is still with Aonix, please extend to him my
> greetings.  Have not heard from him for a while.

Definitely he's still here, although not here, but in France.  I don't know for
sure whether or not he'll attend Ada Europe but I'd expect so.


Greg Gicca
Aonix Ada Marketing account
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