"W. Wesley Groleau x4923" wrote:
> > ...... If you get bottom-of-the-barrel
> > C++ people for $30k/yr, the rewrite will cost at least $900k. Since
> > teams of more than about 10 people are less effective than smaller
> > teams, it will also take about 3 years. I suggest that you can train
> > existing or available personnel to use Ada effectively for much less
> > than that. I suspect you could even obtain the source code for an
> > open-source compiler and provide your own compiler for the duration of
> > the program for less than that.
> I can't imagine any Ada vendor charging that much.  I know either Rational
> Apex with support or GNAT support would be MUCH less than $900K.

I certainly agree. I was saying that, in the extremely unlikely event
that ALL Ada compiler vendors went out of business, it would still be
cheaper to keep the project in Ada than to rewrite it in C++.

Jeff Carter
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