> Anybody every heard of this group?
> TOOLS (Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems)
> http://www.tools-conferences.com/

We handed out a lot of advertising for the August 1999 TOOLS
Conference at the ARA/SIGAda sponsored SIGAda Booth at the
GovTechNet'99 Exposition in June'99 in Washington, DC.

I don't know if I'll find brochures for this summer's TOOLS
Conference when we unpack the SIGAda Booth on Saturday, for
*GovTech 2000*, next Tuesday & Wednesday.  Same place,
Washington DC Convention Center.  Visit us at the SIGAda
Booth, location #1209, if you're at the exposition.  See:


There will be a competing show in the same building at the
same time.  So .....

*Don't look for us* at *AFCEA's TechNet International
2000*. :-)

Tom Panfil -- Baltimore SIGAda