= >       TOOLS Europe  usually somewhere in France
= It's a pity none of these -Europe (e.g. Ada-Europe, TOOLS-Europe)
= conferences etc ever get held in the UK.

Ada-Europe'97, the International Conference on Reliable Software
Technologies, was held on June 2-6, 1997 in London, UK.

Later editions have been in Uppsala, Sweden (1998), Santander, Spain
(1999), the upcoming 2000 conference (June 26-30, 2000) is in Potsdam,
Germany, and the 2001 conference (May 14-18, 2001) will be held in
Leuven, Belgium.  Full information on these: http://www.ada-europe.org/

We DO try to organize the Ada-Europe conferences in most countries of
Europe, including the UK, but we also prefer to not return to the same
country too soon after a previous conference.  Of course, the most
important factor in choosing a location is the availability of local
organizers committing to do a lot of work.  We're always on the look-out
for such volunteers... ;-)

I hope to see many Teamers in Potsdam!

Dirk Craeynest
Vice-President Ada-Europe

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