"W. Wesley Groleau x4923" wrote:
> > > I can't say I know of anyone who has ever written 10kSLOC/day :-)
> >
> > I can do it, with a 12-hour day and JBuilder.  Or should I count the three
> > weeks of tweaking to make it look good and the two months to make it
> > work?
> Oops, make that three months followed by two years--and that's still a
> rough estimate.  (But the 12 hour day for jBuilder to auto-generate
> 10KSLOC of garbage is not far off.)

Of course you should--the 10 SLOC/day figure is for the entire
development process, from the end of requirements definition through

Assuming you spent a day deciding what the program should do and look
like, that's 302 days, which still gives about 50 SLOC/day. Of course,
if you could get the same functionality with 1500 hand-written SLOC,
hand coding would only take you 150 days.

Jeff Carter
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