Hi all,

A colleague of mine here at GW, who teaches both Ada and C++ here
and is reasonably language-neutral, has asked me to probe my
friends in net-land and find out "whether there are Ada projects
out there that have really relied on complex numbers".

Intuitively both of us think there are. He is a mathematician
at heart, and a big believer that a language without complex
support is doomed to fail in the scientific community. He wants,
I think, to be able to "sell" complex numbers to students based
on their genuine applicability and application.

So please help me out if you can. Please don;t speculate - if
you _know_ of a project that has used either an Ada 83 add-on,
or the Ada 95 complex stuff, plase let me know privately. Tell me
as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Let's not start a thread here; I will summarize the responses after I
get some.:-)


Mike Feldman