[said Frank]

>      Ting described how a Silicon Graphics Ada star programmed
>      a voice recognition application in 4 1/2 days that used only
>      3 percent of the CPU, while the C++ version took two months
>      and consumed 17 percent of the CPU.
> So,  I'm not sure if any of the original "Jurassic Park" movie was
> done in Ada, or just the voice recognition software mentioned.
> Frank
I attended that session at TRI-Ada '93. Ting was rather vague
about specifics on things like Jurassic Park. He showed some
really nice footage of various things, but it was not at all clear
just which were Ada. THe talk at the time was "wouldn't it be cool
if Jurassic Park was an Ada project?" but as I recall, we could not
pin this down. Commercial outfits are pretty tight-lipped about
their technology, and Hollywood is cutthroat and therefore very

Mike Feldman