Yes, but has anyone seen an ISO C++ compliant compiler without any special
"features"? I certainly haven't, gcc is probably the closest thing. The ISO
c++ standard is a farse. No one in the C++ world really cares about the
standard from what I can tell, everyone picks a compiler and then that is
their standard. From my perspective VisualC++ is the windows standard, with
gcc being the sun/linux standard.

Official or not VB and visual c++ are de facto standards among most IT and
apps builders.

Standards live forever, official or not. Hence the space shuttle's reliance
on the width of the roman chariots. Let's face it MS is not going anywhere
regardless of the court's decision. Isolating ourselves from them when they
clearly command a lot of attention in the language selection arean is not a
great survival plan.

My 2 cents...

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> Richard Conn wrote:
> > Visual C++ 6 IS the Microsoft standard for C++,
> The only standard I know of for C++ comes from ISO.
> >just like Visual Basic 6 is also a Microsoft standard.
> There ain't no VB standard.