Ada Teamers,             20000719date

In the long run I have to leave my precious
eve/tpu-editor, because this beast is proprietary
and therefore non-universal.
[no,no,asoft_nu_tpu bought but no sufficient support]

Some of you are emacs friends not only,
because emacs is Ada language sensitive.
My personal transition to emacs failed
due to my lack of knowledge about

Mapping of keys on the keyboard for emacs editor:

key           |        keyboard type
              |   DEC VT420           PC
              |                |
esc           |       ?        |      esc
              |   "CTRL ["    ?|
              |                |
meta          |       ?        |       ?
              |                |

I am using both various window/mouse-systems as well as
plain ascii-terminals.

I am sure, some of you can help me.

Thank you in advance,
Peter Hermann
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