>Are there "secret" APIs that only Microsoft people know about?
>Yup.  Would you ever want to use them in an application
>program?  Nope.  Unless you're developing an AdaScript
>interpreter for Excel ;-)

Now there's a question. Everyone knows there are secret APIs that only Microsoft
know about - isn't that vaguely related to the DoJ decision that M$ be split
into separate OS and Application divisions (i.e. so that such secret APIs are
made more public).

The problem here is that there can be more than 1 API that does the same job,
one more efficiently than the other, and it could easily be the case that
Microsoft publish the inefficient API while keeping the efficient one secret,
and thus giving themselves an unfair advantage.

Obviously this is a good idea from M$s point of view, but not from a
competitor's point of view.