>Just in case anyone wants to know, "ASIS" is
>an ambiguous term:
>The Ada Semantic Interface Specification
>is an ISO standard (now version 2.0) for an API
>used to build tools.
>The American Society for Information Science
>(http://www.asis.org) is obviously a society
>The Application Software Installation Server
>(http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/pdp/ose/asis/) is
>apparently a tool.

>Which ASIS is "standard" ?  :-) :-)

Australian Security Intelligence Service.

Not to be confused with ASIO - Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.
The former is sorta kinda like the CIA (spying and external counter-intelligence),
the latter sorta kinda like parts of the FBI (domestic counter-intelligence).
Everyone knows of ASIO, few know of ASIS, DSD or DIO, just like many know of
the FBI and CIA but few know of the NSA or DIA.

(And a big hello to the guys at Echelon - my guess is there's enough meaningful
alphabet soup in this posting to warrant a human review).