> Rational ... ASIS .. Ada Analyzer ... can find shared variables,

Problem here is we have to modify and recompile Ada Analyzer (AA).  As
currently written, you have to point AA at two tasks and ask it to show
shared variables.  We need to have it identify variables shared by ANY TWO
of the hundreds of tasks in our system.  (Although I am looking into
whether a command-line AA along with 'find' / 'perl' / 'egrep / etc.
might do the job)

> but I'm not sure about reentrant subprograms.

We are not explicitly looking for reentrant (or non-reentrant) subprograms.
We are assuming that ALL imported subprograms (Unix, X11R5, third party)
are non-reentrant, so we need to find whether any tasks might hit the same
imported routine.

It's a porting problem--the old compiler was non-preempting, so things
people forgot to do did not cause problems.....

Wes Groleau