> > Problem here is we have to modify and recompile Ada Analyzer (AA).
> I'm not sure I follow you: do you have source code for Rational's AA?

Most of it comes as an API which is like a set of higher-level service
wrapped around ASIS.  The top one or two layer of the AA program, which
calls the AA API, are provided as source so that the user can customize

> Are you thinking of the "Locate Data Synchronization Points" analysis?
> It is not limited to checking two tasks at a time; instead you point
> it to (call trees of) all the tasks of interest, and it reports
> any shared variables within that set, along with the sharing mode
> (read/write/both).

I'll have to look at that.  I haven't used AA myself in a couple years,
so I was just going by what the report from the guy that wants to find
the shared variables.


Wes Groleau