Okay, new subject.

ComputerWorld has a weekly column called "Technology Quick Study: Hot Trends
& Technologies in Brief"

The topic for this week's issue (7/17/00) is Programming Languages, authored
by Russell Kay.

The text of the article notes that programming languages "facilitate certain
style of programming, including [...] very large programs (Ada), [...]".

The entry for Ada in the accompanying table, titled "A Linguistic Sampler",

  Name        Developed     Primary Use      Comments
  ADA    |     1980-83  |   General Apps   | Used by DOD

"ADA" is in red, and the table's key notes that "(entries in red are more
widely used)"

Woo hoo!  :-)  :-)

I'm not gonna type in the whole table, but here's their breakdown of
languages that are widely used and those that are not:

Widely used:  Ada, Basic, C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Lisp,
Perl, PostScript, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script

Not widely used:  Algol, APL, Eiffel, Forth, HyperTalk, Logo, Pascal, PL/I,
Prolog, RPG, Smalltalk, Snobol, Tcl, TeX