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>  3. If you really want to become involved, you may need to get a Passport
>(with an
>optional Electronic Wallet).  The idea is to first get a Passport (from
>http://www.passport.com/) and then go to the communities and join what you
>using the email address associated with your Passport.  The Passport also
>works with
>a number of vendors on the web (I don't know how many Ada product vendors
>involved) in support of Electronic Commerce (so that you can have the same
>ID for
>every vendor you deal with on the web), and you can attach an Electronic
>Wallet to
>your Passport (which contains Credit Card numbers and shipping addresses) to
>make it
>easier to purchase products and services on the web.  I think it's an
>idea, and I have a Passport myself (but no eWallet yet).

Whereas I read this and see nothing but the opportunity to introduce
an enormous security vulnerability.

Larry Kilgallen