Hi, Everyone,

I took a little trip this weekend to local computer stores and book stores,
in part to take a pulse of the presence of Ada and Software Engineering
materials in the public view.  While this is a small sample, it may be
interesting to hear if others have the same observations:

  1. Ada books are gone from the shelves.  Zero.  I read into this that
     computer stores and book stores no longer find it profitable to
     carry them.
  2. Ada compilers and tools are also not present - with one exception.
     I found copies of my Ada and Software Engineering Library CDROMs.
  3. The number of Software Engineering books has increased from the
     last time I looked - I saw 8 different titles, 5 of which were
     published by Microsoft Press.
  4. Outside of the commercial sector, I found a couple of Ada books
     in two local university bookstores.  I also found Ada and Software
     Engineering Library CDROMs there.

The pulse looks pretty weak,
Richard Conn, Principal Investigator
Reuse Tapestry