Hi, Everyone,

There has been discussion on this list on and off about how Ada's pulse
pick up if there was a killer app based on it.  Over the last couple of
we have seen new killer apps emerge:
  1. integrated desktop PC/mobile PC/Internet computing environments
  2. Digital Nervous Systems

Ada seems to be in the "never ran" category for both of these ... it seems
me that there are a couple of reasons for this:
  1. isolation of the community and intolerance of some thrusts (like
  2. lack of collaboration - members of our community are not seeking
     and others are not seeking collaborations with us (probably perceiving
a lack
     of value-added)

A common theme behind these new killer apps is collaboration and integration
software vendors, hardware vendors, and customers.  Teaming on all three
sides to
make products that everyone wants.  The focus is not on software alone, but
on meeting
business goals and customer needs, and software fits in as an element of a
infrastructure.  Another change is that businesses are starting to figure
out who
their competitors really are ... if Union Pacific Railroad had figured out
it was in the transportation business instead of the railroad business, we'd
Union Pacific Airlines today.

So, what business is the Ada community in?  Perhaps we should think of
ourselves as
solution providers or infrastructure elements.  It could change the way we
and grow.

Richard Conn, Principal Investigator
Reuse Tapestry