I just thought I'd mention a little project here at GW. As you
probably know, we receive a little funding from SIGAda and ARA
to maintain the SIGAda education website. The funds are used 100%
to compensate the students who work on it.

For a time we were also maintaining the SIGAda job registry, which
- as you know - has been dormant because I lost the student who was
maintaining it (to a "real" job). But this will reactivate at the end
of the summer, in the form of a web-based job posting/searching
system, similar to that at AdaIC. Current plans are for this new
job site and the AdaIC job site to merge, under GW maintenance.

I mention it here because our system is being written with GNAT
and David Wheeler's AdaCGI package. I think this is the first
"public" application of AdaCGI; at least David and I are not aware
of others. When the job registries merge, an Ada-based CGI app
will replace the PERL-based one at AdaIC.

Once this system is fully tested and running stably, we'll release
the sources under the GPL (or a similar license), and put them
on the site, easily accessible from the job site itself. It's a large
enough app (a few thousand lines of CGI UI and database handling)
to serve as a useful example of Ada as an "Internet language".

Stay tuned - you'll hear from us at the end of the summer.

Mike Feldman