Rick Duley wrote:
>  Rick Conn wrote:
>   1. Ada books are gone from the shelves.  Zero.  I read into this that
>      computer stores and book stores no longer find it profitable to
>      carry them.

In Oz they never were there in great numbers.
Going to www.dymocks.com.au and searching for Ada finds lots of books
but only two in stock (Skansholm and Feldman).
Anyway, it is usually less expensive to import from Amazon, Fatbrain etc.

I recently bought a book on formal methods from Fatbrain.
I have never seen such a book on local bookshelves - does that mean
formal methods are dead?

I also wanted a book on chess - couldn't find one locally,
had to go to Amazon for that one. Chess is obviously a dying game.

Book sales are a measure of the hype bandwagon and not much else
(and are of interest to authors, promoters of the hype machine
and nobody else).