Things quiet down in many CHI local sigs during the summer.
However, some chapters are active.

Here is a sampling of what is happening:


  SIGCHI Austria recently announced its "prospective" beginnings.

  SwissCHI's program on 29 June: "Benutzervtrauen in E-Shops -
  Messmethoden und Designkriterien"  Speaker: Matthias Kammerer.

 Americas (outside USA)

  ToRCHI co-sponsored a presentation during June by Ian Witten
  on "Browsing Around a Digital Library."  This was in addition to
  their co-sponsorship of a full-day tutorial entitled, "Usable for
  the Rest of the World: A Practical Guide to Carrying Out
  Successful International User Studies" (Susan Dray).

United States

  BayCHI's main program July 11 features two presentations:
  "Making Computers Accessible to Everyone," Neil Scott, Stanford,
  and "Interfaces of the Gestalt: Dealing with Computing
  Everywhere," Dan Russell, IBM.  BayCHI North will meet on
  July 18; presentation: "The Redesign of a Corporate Internal Web
  Site Featuring Before and After Screenshots" (Wendy Sterndale).
  BayCHI-Web will meet on July 25: presentation: "Dynamic
  Usability Testing and eyeTracking" (Sandra Marshall).  AND the
  BayCHI Usability Engineering BOF will meet on July 18;
  presentation: "Research-based Recommendations for Web Site
  Design" (Bob Bailey).

  Rocky Mountain CHI met during June and has activities planned
  throughout the summer.  Momentum is building in Colorado.

  DC_CHI is on summer break.

  CHI-Squared's meeting in June featured a presentation by
  SIGCHI Chair Marilyn Tremaine on "Sound News: An Interface
  Design for Newspaper Browsing."

  GB/SIGCHI's July 11 program: "Web Page Interaction
  Pragmatics," Jamison H. Abbott of Usable By Design.
  Refreshments precede the meeting by one half hour.

  LowellCHI will meet July 20.  Speaker: Matt Belge, Vision &
  Logic; presentation: "Designing for E-Commerce."

  MOCHI's July 12 meeting will feature Professor Paul Resnick on
  the topic of "Beyond Bowling Together: SocioTechnical Capital."
  The meeting will be on the campus of the University of Michigan.
  Book reviews from the MOCHI bookgarden are now available on
  the MOCHI website.

  NYC CHI will meet the evening of July 17 at Viant.  Activity: the
  design of the NYC CHI website.  (This promises to be alot of fun.)

  GatewayCHI will gather for its traditional informal meeting over
  dinner July 12.

  MilwauCHI is seeking volunteers to talk about their "Good & Bad
  Experiences Completing Tasks on the Web" during their August 1

You don't know where NYC CHI or LowellCHI or TORCHI
or ... are?  Take a look at the SIGCHI Local SIGs webpage
( to find out.

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