> > 2) Den store danske ordliste - a dictionary of the Danish
> >    language:                http://www.sslug.dk/locale/dsdo/
> Since you (Jacob) are a contributor, any chance you could persuade
> the team to place a similar logo (same one or the "Powered by Ada")
> in an appropriate place?

There is a link to the source code for the dictionary review
system, where I have put a very visible Ada logo, on the
main page (I know we should translate the pages to English,
but I haven't had time to do it yet).

> And perhaps one of the pages (FAQ?) could include a
> low-key tribute to the benefit the site received from
> Ada?

I will see if I can write something sensible about the
benefits from coding in Ada.

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 In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded."