>And we still do.  For ObjectAda for Windows we offer:

>Special Edition - available free from our web site
>Professional Edition
>Enterprise Edition
>Pinnacle Bundle
>Project Pack

>The special edition is now a full version of ObjectAda with no restrictions.
>The primary difference between it and the products we charge for is that all
>third party tools that would require a royalty payment have been removed.

>The other packages add lots of additional bindings, third party tools, etc.

>> >From my point of view, I would be likely to buy an Ada compiler for say
>> so that provided a CD with Windows installer and the equivalent functionality
>> VB Learning.

>Although we don't press large volumes of the special edition CD, the
>downloadable version comes with the standard Windows setup install program.
>Thus it really is the equivalent of the VB learning edition product, for Ada95.
>Free is even better than $100.

How would one go about getting one of the CDs of the special edition?

Also, as a matter of interest, is the command line debugger included in the
Special Edition (and does it work :-)