>> That would be nice! I made enquiries of ACT as to whether they marketed a
>> product that was the equivalent of VB Learning Edition. ....

>I don't know anything about "VB Learning Edition" but GNAT and other
>things has been packaged up by Feldman, et al. under the name EZ2LOAD
>( E Z 2 load ).

>And the Aonix ObjectAda Special Edition is free.  It's just as good (or
>bad, you decide) as the commercial edition.  The only difference are some
>of the limits on number of files & file sizes.  And these limits are more
>than enough for any University project.

Can you go into the shops and buy these?

I think that was (partly) the point I was trying to make i.e. that I
(personally) would prefer to go into a shop and buy a box containing a CD,
Installation Guide and (possibly) printed manual rather than spending time
downloading stuff from the net.