The following would make an excellent Web page to put up there somewhere.

Perhaps <TITLE>Who to contact for...</TITLE>

> Suggested changes in AdaLetters should go to Marty Carlisle, the SIGada
> editor. As it happens, he reads Team-Ada, but that is a coincidence
> and we shouldn;t count on it - he, too, has a day job.:-)
> Similarly, if you have a general suggestion for the SIGAda website,
> send it to John McCormick, the SIGAda webmaster.
> If it's specific to the website section on one WG (education, for
> example), send it to that WG's chair. Since all these folks' names
> and e-mail addresses are pretty prominently given on the site, that's
> easy for you to do.
> Obviously, SIGAda policy questions are best sent to the officers;
> as the present discussion about voting membership indicates, we
> are an ACM group and do not completely control our policies, but
> still, the SIG officers are the best place to start.