> From my point of view, I would be likely to buy an Ada compiler for
> say $100.00r so that provided a CD with Windows installer and the
> equivalent functionality to VB Learning.
> Linux is available shrinkwrapped in various forms, why not Ada?

RRS, of course, has provided shrinkwrapped versions of our compilers since
1982. As has Aonix and others. It is silly to claim that Ada does not have
such compilers.

The fact is, most of the market for low-end compilers dried up when GNAT
became available. Most people won't pay (enough) to get something that they
can get for free -- especially students. (Much of RRS's low-end sales have
been to students.) And the fact that Aonix is now including the whole
compiler with their free version means that they have given up on low-end
compilers as well.

Certainly, RRS can't afford to go to shows to show off a product with a very
slim profit margin and low sales. I'm sure Aonix isn't going to shows to
"sell" a product that is free! So, I rather doubt that there will be much
more in the way of such products.